Verve Lifestyle Solutions

Pricing is difficult because what you are getting is a largely bespoke product. We work with you to come up with the interior you want and can work within your budget. Realistically though you are looking at £5000 plus for most interiors where we are supplying everything. This might seem expensive but when you start adding up the component parts you can see why. Here is an example of some of the costs.

1. Compressor fridge - around £500
2. Furniture board is between £85 and £140 normally and you will need at least 2.
3. Cooker and sink - £130 plus
4. Electrical components for a dual battery setup including a battery can easily come to £150
5. Upholstery costs are £800 plus depending on materials and complexity.

These are just a few examples but you can see how these costs can mount up and this is before you add in the time it takes to do the work. Give us a call however no matter the budget and we can look at your requirements and work from there.

Call Scott on 07970 332937 for more information or a quote.